A Vixen for Vicky

My normally scheduled Sunday show will be on Wednesday 11pm PT this week so I can shoot in Vegas this weekend. Tune in an feel the power of pantyhose 

One cool thing I have gotten involved with over the last couple of weeks is Vicky Vette’s World Domination Plan. The VNA Network set up a webcam program on my stripping site, which is a huge single girl site (with a few guest stars) so if you join my ENF MILF site you webcam with me and get access to a bunch of other model’s cam shows as well. I have been checking out some of the other sessions and they are an amazing combo of laid back and very dirty. She has some many big name MILF adult stars in her army and then some underrated talent, like ME. Even my webmaster said her cam show system was amazing. This is really cool for me and the closest I have come in a while to actually being in the military (although many military have been in me. Haaaa. I promise my real jokes are funnier) this week I will  pick some favorite cam shows off the network and let you know who you may want to check out.  Everything I have seen so far I like and I am learning from the other ladies not to take my clothes off so early in the cam hour. I need sex toys and set up a wish list as I cum in the show and want the members to as well. My normal showtime is 1pm PT (Los Angeles Time) with The Sunday Strip (every Sunday except this one. (See above pic.) Vicky Vette is really looking out for women in porn and we so badly need that with you-know-who in office. Her army is the coolest army since the KISS army.


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