Arrrrghhh Piracy!

It’s a cougar bobblehead doll!

Piracy sucks! If you’re not a pornographer you have no idea how much it sucks but if you are reading this it is sorta like being friends with a pornographer and I know you don’t like people fucking with your friends. As I have mentioned before, I am not really popular enough to be pirated but when you get to that point you need to hire piracy control or spend time doing busy work to get your shit down from free sites. One free site where I have been able to give away a little MILF porn and make a little coin is PORNHUB. They seem fair and pay our as long as you register for verified amateur and okay them to run ads on your site. When one of my major affiliates dried up at the end of 2015 I turned to Pornhub to promote Jamie Foster Strips and was able to keep sales up. I am not on here to complain cause I have a college degree and options, could even go on the road and do stand-up comedy with my 19 years in the game but I like doing porn and I don’t want to leave my pets! ┬áIf you check out my weekly cam show such as the one tonight at 11pm PT, Jerk 4 Jamie, you may even see a pet sleeping on the bed.. after all.. it’s a late show.
So when you have been teased enough by whatever limited peek of all kinds of fetish and hardcore, solo and even some fucking and BJ POV is out there on the web and are ready for some real adult fun, check out my clip store.

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