Clare Fonda (is not) Herstory

From a shoot this year with Misty Lovelace on Spanked Sweeties

My spanking persona of Clare Fonda was my original foray into the adult world and for 10 years I ran full-o-models spanking websites with my partner, The Cameraman, whom is still one of my best friends (and neighbors.) 2010 I wanted to dabble in more hardcore pursuits so I created Cute Cougar with Jamie Foster,a nice generic nom de porn that could even belong to a dude, very versatile and good for many things, like fucking and sucking that were not Clare’s brand. 2012 I sold my share of the spanking sites to my partner but continued to work as spanking Clare, shooting scenes often as a mom but taking a good one myself here and there! In 2014 my legitimate acting agents found out that I was doing spanking videos and I needed to go underground so I stopped shooting until my need to create dirty video surpassed any income I was banking with legit bookings. It is amazing to me that people sit around and out others on the internet, especially people whose work they enjoy! Many do it just a result of not thinking in a haze of fanship but some are hate driven and unfortunately, performers have to pull back.
I no longer go to spanking socials mainly because I was just an actress who enjoys spanking scenes and some exploration in real life. I am proud to be a spanking switch and I feel I rightfully earned it and met many great people who rep the lifestyle, still love to visit Tony, Eve and Butch of Shadowlane. If anything, I am too much of a pervert for any one genre. Thank you for your support and I hope this thinly disguised timeline was not too motherfucking tedious. Please enjoy my solo site (just me and a few buddies here and there) Jamie Foster Strips

2 thoughts on “Clare Fonda (is not) Herstory

  • I much prefer to see Clare as the “spankee” rather than as the “spanker.” You have such a cute butt and I love to see it turn a bright red from a properly administered spanking!

    Keep up the good work.

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