Cougar Casting!


It’s time for some DICK on this blog and who better to do it than this dude, Marco Ducati, porn star, who I am hiring to do a scene on Thursday. So far the male talent I have worked with are all about bringing the dick but not being a dick and this guy seems no exception and I checked out his Twitter and he has loads of dogs so SOLD! We are going to do a taboo aunt/nephew scene in which I bother Marco until he fucks the hell out of me. I am really interested in filming more low-key taboo type scenes so suspend your disbelief that I could not possibly be related to anyone so muscular and just go with it. You can bet I am going to be hitting this guy up for fitness tips, too.
I know I bitch about it being hard to break into adult at my age but there is nothing stopping anyone with a good body (Yeah, I think that it should not look like the only workout you get is doing the porn) and personality from getting tested and responsibly producing your own content, especially if it is something that has not been done to death. I feel certain sub niches MILF porn, let alone the taboo category, need some more exploration and my natural (but shaved, sorry) style is a good fit. Even if I am not your type I will look great getting boned by this body builder/porn star/ pet owner so stay tuned for the results and check out my site and clip store.

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