FTV Milfs Butt Stuff

Classy dress, trashy behavior!

I really do not do butt stuff. It is nothing against it morally but my asshole is just so tight that it has not happened in years in real life and no one has that kind of time on camera. I have had to accept that I am not an anal girl for commercial or personal purposes. That being said I did get the photog from FTV MILFS to stick his finger up my butt and he concurred it was ridiculously tight and I really should not do butt stuff, yet I did and it is part of my debut on this popular site that posts one new “Adventure Girl” AKA slut per week, and this week it’s an older slut than usual, cool shoot with a lot of public nudity and I wear a great orange wrap dress. Obviously, I liked the photographer- JOIN HERE

Nice and bitchy

Cool stuff on my own site this week too with my buddy Bart playing my boy toy and we get busted reality TV style by my husband. We made it like an episode of cheaters in a dungeon and the dungeon that was nice enough to host us was Complex Studios in Orange County. Shout out to them for #livinglife! See my members at my webcam show Jerk4Jamie at 11pm LA time.

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