Older Woman Fun

Older Woman Fun lives up to its name. This is one of the rockingist solo MILF porn sites!

I prefer to think of this site as a place where older women can have fun, fun for the model and you- her intimate fan. I think you can see from the pose I enjoyed myself. Consider the guy who runs this site to be a friend of mine because my gig with them came from me writing, sending a few nudes, and then they introduced me to their photog Tommy Mayes who took great pics such as the one above. This has been called Boss Lady clip on twitter but if you watch it, it is more about a woman who misses being sexually harrassed at work or at least by guys she is into selective harrassment. Some may call it anti-feminist but I think it is more about personal longings, not about what it wrong or right.
Older Woman Fun presents legitimately mature women in a variety of sexual situations. I definitely feel we need to keep fighting sexual harrassment in the workplace and fetishy clips such as these can provide an outlet to blow off steam due to how scrutinized things have gotten. Indeed I don’t consider myself a qualified feminist but one thing I do like to see and I think a lot of men enjoy too is a woman enjoying herself when she is getting fucked. I worked for a site recently and read some really great comments such as me being appreciative and grateful and while women can get laid anywhere, anytime, a good lay is hard to find so yes, I do like to see women relishing sex in porn Lately I have seen a lot on tube sites where the woman is being provocative and turned on but once the dick is in her the guy is going too hard and it is more about defending her organs than appreciating good cock. I’d say the same thing as giving a good spanking, although it is a punishment, pace yourself. This is a 15 minute video and you want the naughty girl to learn her lesson, to process the punishment! Same as fucking..there is a difference between rough consensual sex and abuse. I wasn’t aware how so many videos have a “Take it, Slut” vibe. In due time, Motherfucker. In due time! Speaking of Brock Doom does get wild with our epic BJ clip that is now up on Cute Cougar.

Insert head nurse joke here.

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