Custom Heat

This belt looks like ammo!

I was just just alerted by a fan that my interracial photo set popped up which means the scene will be up soon and I was sure out of my league with the huge cock and how rough it got so if you want to scene me struggle JOIN the site. I get a kick back and it’ll take the edge off. Pics look great with handsome Rob Piper and his BBC.

I am trying to raise a grand to turn one of my petrooms into a new webcam room (new flooring. You get the picture) so doing an active promo on custom videos that are affordable and easy. I don’t solicit custom work too often because it gets complicated with other cast members, props, costumes and scripts. Hey-I am a fan of all, having a theatre degree but time is money and I am only looking for a little. For 50 bucks I do a 5 minute “bespoke fetish” clip (Thank you, Maddie, for naming the genre. I won’t say my good friend’s last name on my porn blog) where I say your name and work two categories say JOI and feet, or we can go to 10 mins for 75 bucks with say – crying and showing off my asshole. Feel free to mix and match! The possibilities are endless. Use my paypal or Amazon gift card and hit me up old school at for your affordable custom creation shot with lights, basic wardrobe and full nudity if needed. I shoot every Friday and get the vid to you that weekend and if you don’t want me to use your name, that’s fine too. I don’t like having my name said so much when I am getting laid. It just sounds fake.. Still, better my name than someone else’s.

Custom MILF porn shoots with a boy or girl are available but that’s a whole other kettle of slightly more expensive fish, but it’s free to inquire.

Enjoy the BBC on me

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