Ho Holiday

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day Weekend. I pretty much holed up in the Valley but that’s nice for me. I’m about to walk my dogs and that is always fun and relaxing but I had a quick google and saw that I am popping up on a lot of MILF porn links being a dirty old bitch. It’s funny that I am on sites such as Over 40 Handjobs when I am pretty close to 50 but I guess I am a late bloomer in porn and you have to start somewhere. Speaking of, Pushing 50 XXX may be a great name for a porn site.

This Saturday I did the project I am the most proud of at the moment and that is my sex & comedy talk show Hello Cougar which is live 11pm PT Saturday on Dromebox. I have fantastic female comedians as guests on the show but what really ups the freak factor is that I have sex with a guy off Craigslist and we interview him before and after style. Since it’s called Hello Cougar the guys are 18 to 30, cubs if you will, and it’s a natural setting for comedy. I think doing porn is cool but as of now my comedy and Hello Cougar are my legacy. I am sure anyone who doesn’t have kids will understand!

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