My Buddy Aunt Judy

The little red suit that could

How cool it is to be back on the Aunt Judy’s website. The site has been around for so long that I even turned down work for it when I was 34 and now here I am showing it all off and even made a bunch of new “Asshole Followers.” Those are dudes that really like my asshole. Photographer Brian makes me look the way I want to feel. I’m glad I finally let Aunt Judy into my life and between my legs (yes, these are some very explicit shots.) I have even recommended a few friends who have never modeled before for this site so let’s see if they pop up.

This new boss is wierd.

I have been having big fun on my cam show which I do thru The VNA Network. Right now it is Wednesday at 11pm PT and unless I have a late comedy show that time really seems to work for me and it is a good group of guys online. If anyone is being a selfish ass they get checked by the moderator but guys are encouraged to jerk off. No pressure tho. Sometimes I cum and sometimes I talk too much about what has been going on this week for me in porn, comedy and real life. I always get naked and turned on tho. All VNA network members and members of Jamie Foster Strips of course should take consensual advantage! You need a webcam and Flash on your computer. I bought the Logitech C920 webcam thru Vicky Vette’s rec and it’s great, about $60. If the world of webcam if scary, I say – I did it and so can you. In the meantime stick to You Tube and check this out!

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