From the Whorse’s Mouth

I guess this is growing up

Pre menopause is making me a steady agro but not exactly anxious and I’m usually too nice, so gonna ride the wave. While most women don’t get their periods as much around this time of their lives I have been getting mine with very few breaks. I have had it four times in 50 days! Even dudes have to feel for me with this one and men love bitchy women so maybe now I’ll find the one. Oh, a guy who is into period sex would be a plus. On a side note I have been to the doctors and for the first time in my life gotten on the pill so this should all calm down quite soon.
On some of the mature solo MILF porn sites I model for you get asked to fill out some pretty long questionnaires asking everything from measurements to favorite cars. Much like on a dating site I keep it 100% accurate. I would never have the nerve to catfish or even fib a little about age, weight etc and it’s the same on my on site interviews yet some sites alter the facts, perhaps to make me seem more appealing in a fantasy sort of way or to gel with how the pics come off. I find it a little frustrating as I take the time to answer thoughtfully and truthfully so here are my stats and some other basics about this old whore.

height 5’8″ (I’m fine with shorter guys who are fine with being shorter guys!)

weight 120 (119 at the doctor’s yesterday but let’s not get neurotic)

Measurements 36 -26- 34 (yeah I’m a hipster and sometimes my boobs are 34 but now that I ALWAYS have my period)

Eyes gray/blue (I did once wear brown contacts to play Italian)

Hair: Brown (Keeping it simple. Plenty of gray and some blond highlights but a brown base)

Dress size: 4 or small

Shoe: 8 1/2 and I run that’s why my feet look rough plus grew up in Florida by way of England so….Eurotrash. I am a US Citizen now and living in California. Now you know what’s up and oh yeah, as you guys know.. the boobs are real. Check out this foxy foot gallery at ALL OVER 30

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