New Easy Hardcore

Butch has been my friend for years so it was very easy to put him inside me

It has been a minute since I have released any new hardcore so very happy to have this kinky new fuck clip up on both Cute Cougar and Jamie Foster Strips. As you know I have hung out with the good people of Shadowlane since my spanking days (which aren’t over…more asses need to be spanked) and now that I do hardcore Butch Simms is one of my scene partners. This clip is twisted as it’s so impersonal with me playing a saleslady peddling insurance and explaining the different incentives, blow jobs, hand jobs, eating my pussy, getting ridden hard by that pussy you ate. We filmed it right when the GOP was trying to push thru the new healthcare. They would probably have had more luck with this package. I am dressed up at the top of the clip with my usual British liberal arts professor look and we peel things off pretty slowly. It’s a good clip for fans of pantyhose and also if you want to see a massive facial which looks more like a food fetish video… If you like your MILF porn with a little bit of a low-key sitcom vibe (without the laugh track) this may be for you. It’s dirty and quirky.
Oh I also forgot to say, HAPPY 4th of JULY! Cut me some slack as I am from the U.K. I know, I know.. Been here since ’78. No one can blame me for staying in and editing today tho as I have pets that freak out from fireworks, and I really don’t like em either! See you guys on my twitter page or check out recent free fun on my pornhub!

You should know by now that the conservative looking people are the freakiest.

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