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New amateur hookups with me and much younger men on Cute Cougar

I am open to a relationship but he would have to be really cool! Right now I am busy with my show Hello Cougar where I have sex with a new millennial every episode and in addition I am shooting my Jamie Foster Homegrown series. I guess it is safe to say I am having a lot of safe sex, and casual sex on my terms, with some kind of video record for entertainment purposes.
The Homegrown is my amateur encounters on Cute Cougar. I know you can find a lot of amateur hookups on pornhub but I used my pornhub account for my promo, webcam shows and snippets of my fetish clips and also just some general B roll. I do make money off the views I get on pornhub and while I would rather you join my site, if you have the time check out the almost 200 clips pornhub clips I have up.
To me the homegrown is some of the coolest MILF porn I shoot cause it’s so real and chance for me to show how turned on I get by hot sex with younger men, further proof that the erotic connection between guys in their twenties and women late forties and up is so deep. Many guys under 30 are having sex with women more than twice their age. I even heard about a couple getting married He’s 28 and she’s 68! I’ll just settle for sex tapes for now.

Satisfy your cougar!

The first was was a guy I hooked up with off a Craigslist ad from my Cougar Dating Show. We had hot sex and he gave an filmed interview but the fucking was private. When he hit me up for casual I told him I really did not have time but would be okay if he shot POV. He was really good with the camera and the video did well on my clips store. I said – why not do more. After running an ad on Craigs offering to pay guys 50 bucks for a safe sex POV encounter (these dudes do not show their faces. I don’t want to be exploitative for 50 bucks. I really do not get off on being exploitative at all) I heard from quite a few guys who were either looking to get into amateur porn or to get laid and I had a hot time with one guy so far resulting in Jamie Foster Homegrown 2. More to come.. I think once a week is the most I can handle cause I make them fuck me hard…

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