You Know Where to Find Me

The best place to feel me is on my own site, Jamie Foster Strips.

I love producing my own porn and collaborating with cool people. Like a lot of hard-working, fun-loving models I make my own content and have had my own site for six years with updates twice a week so as you can imagine it’s something that would take you a weekend to get thru and then the hits keep on comin’. What is also cool is the FREE weekly webcam show and access to about 25 other models’ shows per week, with no hidden fee BS, and I really do answer my email for tech support. My site is a mix of fetish and fucking but definitely more solo than anything. I save most of the harder b/g stuff for the clips store I have had for over a decade with Clips4Sale and that is Cute Cougar… I know.. great name.

Happy to have a new site with lots of public and pee!

The talented guy I work with on Cougartown 818, my reality show on PornHub, co-produced a new clips store with me called It’s outdoor sex and nudity and indoor voyeur stuff and we go heavy on the wetting. Follow my Man_Pet on Twitter. Thank you! He’s adorable.

I look forward to meeting fans and friends at a major upcoming party, none other than the Lone Star Spanking Party run by my friend in fetish, Sarah Gregory, definitely one of the cool people I collaborate with. I will have DVDs and T-shirts for sale at the vendor faire. Check out my Pervert shirt for ladies modeled by a very assertive Riley Nixon. I am there shooting exclusively for Clare Fonda Pass, which I no longer own but have fun modeling for and will be traveling with The Cameraman. If you want to get to know me before the party, subscribe to my site and stop in the weekly webcam show and let me know you will be there. You don’t have to show your face or cock, but let Jamie/Clare know you will see her in Texas. Until then…

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