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Clare Fonda (is not) Herstory

From a shoot this year with Misty Lovelace on Spanked Sweeties My spanking persona of Clare Fonda was my original foray into the adult world and for 10 years I ran full-o-models spanking websites with my partner, The Cameraman, whom is still one of my best friends (and neighbors.) 2010 I wanted to dabble in Read more about Clare Fonda (is not) Herstory[…]

Arrrrghhh Piracy!

It’s a cougar bobblehead doll! Piracy sucks! If you’re not a pornographer you have no idea how much it sucks but if you are reading this it is sorta like being friends with a pornographer and I know you don’t like people fucking with your friends. As I have mentioned before, I am not really Read more about Arrrrghhh Piracy![…]